June 13 2013 Thursday at 11:46 AM

Summer 2013!

Here we are again. Yet another SUMMER is upon us, full of expectations, dreams, hopes, excitement, memories and life lessons! Its pretty amazing how as women, our mood depends on if we're feeling pretty/pretty hot on that day! So its simple, fun summer=looking and feeling beautiful! Something as simple as a fruity lip gloss, with a sexy sheer print bikini sarong or cover up can up your confidence and put a bounce in your strut! And its funny how an eye catching mustache print iPhone cover can be JUST the thing you need to catch your crush's attention. Here's some of OUR fav picks for the summer to make sure its a good one!

1.) Floral Print Sarong




2.) Mustache Print Iphone Cover (LOVE)





3.) For that special night out-Our NEW chain link wrap watch in gold or silver







Ok my loves, that's it over now. Stay #happy #confident #atyourvery best this #summer